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About the Course:

o Identify course goals and objectives
o Understand the course environment
o Describe the course learning strategy

A Brief History:

o Show examples of how people interact with Java in their daily lives
o Summarize the history of Java
o Understand Java technology product groups
o Introduction to program
o Introduction to Software
o Introduction to Programming Language
o Types of Programming Languages
o Procedure Oriented Programming Language vs Object Oriented Programming Language

Introduction to JAVA:

o What is JAVA?
o Features of JAVA
o JAVA Applications
o JAVA Editions

Setting up Java:

o Understand the difference between the JDK and JRE
o Understand the difference between .java and .class files
o Describe the purpose of an integrated development environment (IDE)
o Download and install the JDK, JRE, and Eclilpse IDE
o Java program syntax
o Java output statement
o Compile and execute java program

Java Basics:

o What is identifier?
o What is variable?
o What is constant?
o Understand the benefits of variables
o Identify four main types of variables: (boolean, int, double, String)
o Declare and assign values to variables
o Name variables according to conventions
o Java keywords

Data Types:

o What is a data? Types of data
o What is data type?
o Different types of data types
o Differentiate integer data types (byte, short, int, long)
o Differentiate floating point data types (float, double)
o Use the char data type
o Use Strings
o Converting Between Data Types
o Cast variables to other data types

Read data using Scanner:

o Introduction to Scanner class
o Introduction to java.util package
o Introduction to method
o Types of methods
o Scanner class methods


o Introduction to operators
o Types of operators
o Unary operators
o Binary operators
o Ternary operator
o Working with Increment operator
o Working with Decrement operator
o Working with Arithmetic operators
o Working Math class

Control Structures:

Decision Making:

o Boolean Expressions
o if/else Constructs
o Compare boolean expressions using relational operators
o Create an if statement
o Create if/else constructs
o Understanding Conditional Execution
o Build chained if constructs
o Nested if
o Switch statement
o Understand the purpose of break keyword


o Introduction
o Types of loops
o while loop
o do..while loop
o for loop
o Nested loops
o Use of break keyword inside loops
o Use of continue keyword inside loops
o Infinite loops


o Introduction to arrays
o Need of arrays
o Types of arrays
o Working with one-dimensional arrays
o Working with two-dimensional arrays
o Different types of Searching techniques
o Different types of Sorting techniques


o Introduction to functions
o Types of functions
o User defined functions
o Create a user defined function
o Calling a user defined function
o Use of static keyword
o Different categories of functions
o Actual parameters
o Formal parameters
o Call by value
o Call by reference
o Recursion


o Introduction to OOP
o Main pillars of OOP
o Class
o Object
o Create a class
o Create an object
o Data members ( Fields )
o Member Functions ( Methods)
o Data Abstraction
o Data Encapsulation
o Access Modifiers ( public, private, protected, default)
o Difference between Stack and Heap memory
o Static method vs Non-static method
o Static field vs Non-static filed
o Method overloading
o Constructor
o Use of constructors
o Types of constructors
o Constructor overloading
o Inheritance
o Types of inheritance
o Constructors in inheritance
o Method overriding
o super keyword
o final keyword
o this keyword
o Abstract method
o Abstract class
o Interface
o Use of getter methods
o User of setter methods

Exception Handling:

o Introduction
o Types of Exceptions
o Keywords used in Exception Handling ( try, catch, finally, throw, throws)
o Arithmetic Exception
o ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException
o Working with multiple catch blocks
o Custom Exceptions


o Introduction
o String literal
o String constant pool
o StringBuffer
o StringBuilder
o String vs StringBuilder
o String functions

JAVA Collections:

o Introduction to collections
o Collection interface
o Stack
o Queue
o List
o ArryaList
o LinkedList
o Set
o Vector


o Introduction
o Types of packages
o Create a user defined package
o Compile and execute package program
o Calling a method of one package from another package program
o Understand the behaviour of Access Modifiers in different packages

Working with Files:

o What is a file?
o Create a file using JAVA program
o Read data from a file using JAVA program
o Update file data
o Delete the file
o Limitations of File handling


o Introduction to database
o Introduction to DBMS
o Create Table command
o Insert records into a table
o Update table records
o Delete table records
o Retrieve table records


o Introduction to JDBC
o Interfaces and classes of java,sql package
o Steps to communicate with database using JDBC
o Programs

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